Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Falevas Lost

Faleva houses
dappled paint skin
buried in bush pockets
friends for twenty years
leaning drunkenly,
shoulders rubbing,
rubbish skipping happily past,
sheltering the disenfranchised
home for the poor,
erratic power
toxic water.

Trapped in the corner
surrounded by politics
and rich people power decisions.

The bulldozer chuckles forward
teeth glinting
Scars rusty
flexing bully muscles,
Carving swathes of pain
through the falvela,
Crushing hopes
nightmares breaking bones.

Either take our money and run
or pay the price,
of our batons
riot police advancing,
Pay the price of our
Olympic dreams.

WALT: Writing to communicate wonder or thoughts through Olympic 'eyes'. Write in the style of "personification".

Friday, 17 June 2016


In grit
of life,
There are
moments unwatched
by others,
small heroisms unseen,
thoughtful touches,
an honest thought,
a definite decision
to truth-give.

Courage's genesis
a straightforward heart,
Strength of, "No"
Power of, "Yes"
No guilt,
just assurance,
Not other's images
just yourself,
Your public face
mirroring private skin,
character beauty unfading.

In calamity
integrity tested,
In fear
integrity trialled.

Not slaves to ordinary,
stand tall - integrity.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

White Supreme

To communicate a thought in a few carefully chosen words.

Success Criteria:
  • Build pictures in your reader’s mind
  • Communicate emotions
  • Cut the small words
Click below for my haiku!


Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Three young mouths
Meagre hope
Threadbare cupboards
Shanty corrugated cage
Husband taken
Choleras meal.

Whispered words
Propaganda hope suggested,
Cash given
Teenager traded,
Bitten by the trafficker
Real life zombie
Taken to sea.
Sweat fisherman blood.

4 hours sleep
20 hours work
4 hours sleep
20 hours work
4 hours sleep…
Fingers to bone.

No escape
No words
No life.

Fear trap,
Miles of ocean,
Netted life,
Broken arm
if you speak out.

Modern slavery
Forty-five million
cries in the wind,
cries in the Dirt,
cries in the Smoke
cries on the ocean,
Tears in the heart!

WALT: to give voice to the voiceless.


  • Use strong: new vocabulary, word images
  • Protest against an injustice in our world
  • Cut words not needed
  • Be creative in getting my point across

Sunday, 22 May 2016

To Kill a Child

This is a collaborative writing piece produced by all boys in 8G.

Is child slavery good for our world? Child slavery is where a company or individual gets a child to work or labour, many hours a day, for very little money or none at all.   Some people say child slavery is good because it helps a country or company produce cheap goods so they can capture market and make more profit. Others say child slavery should be outlawed because of the mental and physical harm it causes. In my opinion, child slavery should be illegal.

Child slavery kills! Child labourers die every minute around our world from accidents, physical abuse or suicide. According to the ILO (International Labour Organisation) each year 22,000 children die in hazardous conditions.1 This is evil!

It’s hard for child labourers to live a happy life. 115 million children live in punishing conditions. It is difficult for a child in this situation to have a good education because families don’t have enough money and they are working long hours. As a result, they are trapped in poverty. Their working conditions cause unhappiness, stress and lead to poor self-worth and mental health. Also, they are liable to have poor physical health which will probably lead to low-life expectancy.

A benefit of child slavery or labour is seen to be production of cheaper goods, allowing wealthy people to enjoy buying more for cheaper.  This is the main reason why child slavery has not been abolished. Many wealthy people, because they do not realise how many goods are produced or do not care, are actually supporting slavery in our world.

Would you like to work ten hours a day in a dusty, polluted mine that could collapse at any moment? I know that I wouldn’t, and I am a child. So, to stop children from dying or experiencing mental harm, think about the supply chain of what you buy, purchase fair-trade, raise money for charities and put pressure on governments that allow this foul, dishonest practice to linger.


  1. ILP Labour
  2. Child Slavery Video

To be able to convince and persuade others with my writing.

Success Criteria:

  1. Identify for and against positions around a range of topical issues and put forward reasons that support a point of view.
  2. Sequence and express assertions on an issue in a logical manner
  3. Express cause and effect relationships to argue a viewpoint around an issue
  4. Express written and oral arguments using the present tense
  5. Use time connectives to link ideas within an argument
  6. Use the following language devices to strengthen the persuasiveness of an argument
    1. Emotive language
    2. Rhetorical questions
    3. Repetition
    4. Strong verbs and adjectives.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Storm Tents

Scattered red, grey nylon tents,
cheerful on grass patch clearing,
surrounded by shadowy native bush,
thin five millimetre pegs
gingerly gripping stony soil.

BBQ burger eaten,
Sleeping bag ready,
Pillow ready,
Snooze ready,
And the grey sky
begins its torment.

Bare foot through puddles to outdoor sink
Teeth now toothpaste fresh ready,
Paddle back to tent,
mud flecks appearing on toes.

Carefully creep into tent,
trying to avoid dragging
rain water inside,
but drops gather
holding hands
on doorway floor entrance,
laughing at my attempt.

Cocooned in sleeping bag,
only pummelling rain can be heard,
the "haven't had rain like this
in ten years" deluge.

I smile,
snuggle deeper
mind embracing the storm,
I will survive
wind ripping at tent,
rain, ground water searching
seeking to drip inside.
Sleep envelops my thoughts,
the storm backgrounds
to dreams of mountain biking
through brown water puddles!

To communicate an experience, with descriptive language, so that others can feel they are there.
Success Criteria: 
Others can feel they are there, remember times like this themselves.
Short simple thoughts, one per line
Unnecessary and small words cut out.

Friday, 5 February 2016



Image Credits: WikiMedia, ClipArtCottage
Emitted and absorbed
obvious and mysterious
These glimpses
more questions.

Surface afterglows
Particles float on
Evening air
Gloomy place
Colours removed.

City lights glow
Sky masking
Three thousand
Hesitant pinpricks,
Cosmic energy
Clusters and scatters,
Particles float on
Turbulent atmosphere,
Light bent
Stars twinkle.

W Grieve 2014

This poem came from a search at first on light, then sunrises and finally stars.
WALT: To write a poem that communicates creatively my thoughts.
Success Criteria:
  1. The words we pick fit together
  2. The ideas work together line by line
  3. To use punctuation to enhance the meaning and help the reader.
  4. I have added my own thoughts to put in my voice.
  5. To credit the sources that I used.